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Dr Web's 2011 Private Training Sessions on SaltSpring Island
Learn to create and manage a blog or a web project

I am currently accepting a few more students interested in getting trained in creating & managing their own blog or website. We will cover everything from creating and managing your own Blog or Web Site locally on your own computer (Windows or Mac) to launching it online officially when you find it's ready for public viewing.

This is a unique occasion to get quality specialized training aimed at gaining full control & the necessary knowledge needed to create and manage a  blog or a web project for yourself or someone else.

Sessions are scheduled individually according to your availability anytime between 1 & 3 PM  on week days (Monday to Friday).

No prior knowledge is required so we'll take you from where you're at and help you get to where you want to get.

Please feel free to contact me if you need more details or would like to discuss a personnal issue.

Dr Web on SaltSpring

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You will be given the option of buying one or more hour(s) at the time.


Dr Web $20 WaveSurfer -  3X amplification (9DBi)
add on for WIFI

Not happy with the wireless signal you're getting from your wireless router?
What about if you could amplify your actual signal by a factor of 3 just by adding a simple device?
Enters Dr Web's "Wave Surfer WIFI Enhancer". This simple add on will hook to any 1, 2 or 3 antennas  wireless router and will boost its signal by 9DBi (3 times the actual signal you're getting!). That means a  better signal but also much more range.

Dr Web' s Wind Surfer Prototype
Dr Web's "WindSurfer", the first prototype version of his "Wave Surfer" add on
Dr Web's "WaveSurfer"
Enhanced WIFI Antenna Booster
Includes easy installation instructions
No tools needed
Works with ANY wireless Router equipped with 1, 2 or 3 antennas*

Free shipping to Canada & the US
Get Yours!
  $20 CAD each
* A second "WaveSurfer" may be added to a 2 or 3 antennas system for even  more power.


Dr Web's Ultimate Long Range WIFI Antena/Extender

I'm currently offering a choice of long range & range extender WIFI solutions for your home or business network.

The Problem
You are getting a very weak (if any) WIFI signal from your location in spite of the fact that there's access available close by or even not so close by.

The Solution: Dr Web's Deluxe Long Range USB WIFI antena

  • Picks up a WIFI signal up to 10 miles away (line of sight).
  • Brings major improvement and stability to any weak WIFI reception wherever you are.
  • Full USB connectivity means no degradation of signal whatsoever whatever the lenght of the antena cable.
  • All in one system with built in WIFI card.
  • All you need is an available USB connexion on your computer.
  • Mobile or fixed installation.
  • 3 segments detachable  - Use 1, 2 or all 3 segments according to your needs.
  • Sturdy full brass construction.
  • Weatherproof.
  • Buit in WIFI Card.
  • Comes with 16 feet of cable and a sturdy metal bracket for permanent installation.
  • PC & Mac compatible.

Limited Time Introduction Price: $185.00 USD

I offer free demonstration to any serious inquiries.

I also offer complete private or public WIFI solutions for individuals, businesses & campgrounds.

Dr Web

Please feel free to contact me for more details.

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Dr Web's Free Ulimited Phone Calls Solution Offer

I am currently offering (here on SaltSpring Island BC, Canada)) a complete installation service at your home/office of a new communication system that allows for unlimited phone calls to anywhere in the US & Canada.
This portable system (the size of a matchbox) also allows you to make unlimited calls to the US & Canada wherever you are in the world.

Installation cost is a one time fee of $149.95 USD/system that includes hardware,  installation & troubleshooting at your home or office, your own US phone number, free voice mail, & also one full year of unlimited calls.
Additional year(s) of service is $19.95 USD/year + tx.

I can also install a second system that may be brought along when traveling.
This allows for unlimited calls between the two units and this wherever they are in the world.

This system uses a regular land phone (standard or wireless) to function (not included but widely available for very cheap).

Also ideal for businesses looking to dramatically reduce their phone bills or for anyone looking for a crystal clear phone signal where cellular phone reception is less than adequate.

For more details & also to confirm that this solution could apply to your situation, please feel to contact me through this online form (please also leave a phone number if you want me to get back to you over the phone).

I have thoroughly tested this technology and it works flawlessly when properly installed.

I offer free demonstration to any serious inquiries.
Dr Web

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 *Please Note: This Offer Currently Only Available to SaltSpring Island, BC, Canada.


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