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   We priviledge a highly personalized approach to Web Design & Hosting.
We never met 2 situations exactly alike so far in our long experience with the Web. Our preferred approach is to offer unique custom solutions no matter how small or how huge the project may be.

   Be it a one page showcase, a basic static 3 or 4 pages website, a more elaborate interactive one or a full interactive multi-user community portal, each & every project gets our full attention & a full personalized treatment.

   Even better, there is always room to grow from where you are at to where you may be wanting to go. Want to start simple & build as you go? No problem. We will build the perfect flexible solution for you to start with with all the room you will need to grow. All of this built in right the initial concept.

   Want us to take care of all the details because you need all the time you can get to run your business? Sure. We understand. We will make you life easy & take care of everything for you.

   We also offer personal on demand training & coaching to help you take over the evolution of your web project and become your own webmaster if that's what you want.

   We are also currently offering a complete autonomous web solution that is so easy to maintain, modify & administer that it becomes a real pleasure to be in the driver's seat of a complete web project. This solution also makes it easy for you to train in house staff or manager to be responsible of the regular updates for you.


A web showcase is the simplest form of a website. Ideal for short presentations where all you want to do it just give an overview of your project with a quick way for people to get in touch with you.


  • Simple & Direct
  • Very affordable
  • Concise presentation of your subject
  • Allows visitors to easily get in touch with you
  • May be updated with fresh information as needed
  • Very effective when properly done
  • Excellent introduction to the web
  • Very efficient way to establish a web presence


  • Can be referenced to exactly like a regular website in your publicity
  • Available to the world 24/7 in full text, color, sound and/or motion

Practical Examples

  • Restaurant Current Menu & Location
  • Jewelry Display
  • Audio/Video Presentation
  • Special Events

This solution includes

  • Install of your showcase page from your files

Available options

  • Your Own Domain Name (ex: www.yourname.com )
  • Creation of a Custom Design for your page
  • Special Custom Media Work (Logo, flash,etc)
  • On Demand Page Updates
  • Webmaster Services
  • Custom Training & Support

What can I put in my showcase

Anything that can fit on a regular computer screen page is fair game.


$200 will get you a web showcase for a full year.
Additional year of hosting: $60/year


Also called "brochure", this solution  includes information about your company and its products and services via texts, photos/images/graphics plus an interactive navigation system.

This solution includes

  • One Front/Home page
  • One Product & Service page
  • One Photo page
  • One About page
  • One Contact page (with integrated anti-spam functionality)
  • One full year of hosting service (renewable)
  • One full year of updating service (renewable)

Available options

  • Your Own Domain Name (ex: www.yourname.com )
  • Additional pages
  • Flash animation integration
  • Audio/video integration
  • Blog Integration
  • FAQ Integration
  • E-Store Integration
  • PayPal/Credit Cards Instant Payment integration
  • Microsoft Frontpage Extensions
  • Special Custom Media Work (Logo, flash,etc)
  • Webmaster Services
  • Custom Training & Support


All in one easy web solution
Everything is taken care of for you
Perfect for busy business people.


Additional year of hosting: $120/year

Easy Webmaster

Perfect for someone who would like to add & administer its own content using an easy to use web interface. If you are already using a word processor like Microsoft Words or Open Office, you will feel at ease with this solution. This is Dr Web's recommended solution of choice for most simple & not so simple websites. Above all, it's just plain fun to use!
Ask Dr Web for a free trial account and see for yourself how you feel about it.

This solution includes

  • Ready to use intractive basic web site
  • An easy to use webmaster interface
  • Total control over you pages structure
  • Full control over your website menu & navigation
  • Easy online content editor to create your pages.
  • Easy online interface for uploading your pictures to your website
  • Integrated anti-spam functionality

 Available  options

  • Your Own Domain Name (ex: www.yourname.com )
  • Full customization according to specifications
  • Blog Integration
  • News Integration
  • FAQ Integration
  • E-Store Integration
  • PayPal/Credit Cards Instant Payment Integration
  • Special Custom Media Work (Logo, flash,etc)
  • Webmaster Services
  • Custom Training & Support


  • Easy "Learn as you go" solution
  • Easy content integration & updating
  • Allows for immediate interaction with your website at anytime
  • Places you in the "Webmaster's Seat" without the usual intricacies & complexities


Additional year of hosting: $120/year


This solution is a complete package that covers everything from the very first step of assessing the market potential & niche for best, new or existing products or services up to full fledge delivery  to a large & growing audience. Every step is covered & taken care of. Based on rigorous & proven marketing methods, this commercial solution is aimed at dedicated present or future entrepreneurs interested in building up for themselves a growing source of income through the web.
For an in-depth evaluation of this innovative approach, you can browse our news article titled:The Ultimate Web Solution?

This solution includes

  • All the necessary tools to assess the real potential market of you product or service.
  • All the necessary tools to build up a targeted audience for you product or service.
  • Unlimited web space & bandwidth
  • Fully customizable design templates to help you build your professional looking web site
  • All the necessary monitoring tools to assess day by day the evolution, quality & quality of your audience.
  • Full up to date online documentation & Masters Course training for yourself and/or your staff.
  • Free domain
  • Thorough keyword research on the Web site business and/or proposed theme
  • Development of a Web site keyword report for traffic optimization
  • Your site's custom "Look & Feel" to match your business
  • Use of your own photos or help obtaining appropriate "stock" images
  • Construction of keyword-focused content pages (the number depends on the Core Package)
  • Orientation of your site's features
  • Dedicated Web hosting (no upgrades needed ever)
  • Your Own Domain Name (ex: www.yourname.com )
  • Fast, reliable hosting
  • Safe Web site backups
  • Unlimited e-mail accounts
  • Powerful research tools for finding potential keywords for your site
  • Page by page Search Engine optimization
  • E-mail list builder and E-zine publishing tool
  • Highly sophisticated Search Engine submissions to Google, Yahoo! and others
  • Advanced tracking and monthly performance reports
  • Ongoing access to Web site improvement packages (beat your competition)
  • And other business-building services.

 Available options

  • Core 10 Package ($1599) +  Monthly Service ($29.99 per month)
    Core 20 Package ($2549) + Monthly Service ($29.99 per month)
    Core 35 Package ($3999) + Monthly Service ($29.99 per month)
  • Special Custom Media Work (flash,etc)
  • Webmaster Services
  • Custom Training & Support


Basic business software and hosting package: $299/year


 Creation of a custom made solution to fit your project or event. For short, this solution integrates pretty much anything that is feasible through a web interface from the simplest to the most complex project. Custom training & support are also available.

  • Portals
  • CMS (Content Management Systems)
  • Multilingual Interactive Websites
  • Online Galeries
  • Blogs
  • Ebay Store
  • E-Commerce
  • Community Projects
  • Online Schools & Teaching
  • Online magazine
  • Multimedia Projects
  • Online Resume
  • ...and more

Free Evaluation

Please use this form to send us a description of what you want to achieve. We will get back to you with a quote & a description of a recommended custom solution for your needs. Please include a phone number, if you would like us to contact you over the phone.


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