Dr Web on Saltspring

Cross-platform Remote Support, Help & Training

Highly secure 128 and 256-Bit AES encryption allows us to offer reliable remote services wherever you are in the world. Suitable for software installation, system configuration, one-on-one personnal counselling and small goup webinar.

Windows or Mac

Remote Support

  • Emergency Help & Troubleshooting
  • Software Installation/de-install
  • File & directory management
  • ...and more

Sit back and see us work on your computer from the comfort of your home or office.
Pretty much anything that can be performed sitting in front of your computer can also be performed remotely using our remote support system. Period.

Help & Training
One on one software help & training

Webinars, Show Presentations
Up to 10 people can participate in each session, the presenters can be changed on the fly, each session participant can choose which application is running on his or her computer, which ones are visible to the others and which ones are not. Transmission can be paused at any time as well.

How does it work?

  1. Schedule a session with Dr Web
  2. Dr Web will send you a simple instruction mail & a small program compatible with your system (Windows or MAC) . No installation required.
  3. When ready, just click on the application
  4. Follow Dr Web's instuctions over your phone or from the email he sent you.

A real time chat system is also integrated within the application to complement the phone conversation.

Contact us for a free demonstration.

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