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House Calls

On top of all its website solutions Dr Web is also currently offering House Call Services to the city of Ganges, Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada & its surroundings. Like in the "good old days" of country doctors where dedication was a recognized virtue, Dr Web supplies a comforting & worry free "at your home or office" service.

Dr Web also supplies the next best thing to physical house call visits that is: ICQ, MSN & Yahoo Messenger Live Chat Services*.

 *NB: Email Dr Web to get his ICQ, MSN & Yahoo Messenger ID

Cross-platform Real Time Remote Support, Help & Training

Our latest addition to our online services

Dr Web Available Line of House Call Services

24/7 Services:
- Emergency Help & Troubleshooting
- One-on-one assistance, help, training & counseling
- Web, e-commerce, blog & multimedia (audio/video/MIDI) projects
- Fast, Efficient & Economical Web Hosting Solutions
- Interactive Web Solution & Portals
- Lost Data/Virus Problems
- Hardware & Software Upgrades & installation
- Hard Disk Cloning, new partitions, multi-booting,etc
- System Clean up & Tune Up
- System installation, de-install and/or re-installation
- System, drivers & Software Install, Upgrades & Updates.
- Free Lifetime self-Updating Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware Cleaner Software
- Internet & Email Hook-Up & Configuration
- Multimedia, Audio, Video & MIDI Assistance
- Ebay & Online Auctions

Dr Web also offers custom one-on-one assistance, help, training & counseling:
- Basic Windows Maintenance & Skills
- Creative techniques for your website or blog
- How to get better rankings on Google, Yahoo, etc
- Buying and/or Selling with Ebay
- How to improve your Online Customer Service skills
- Music recording & publishing, MIDI, video & multimedia related technologies
- ...and more

Proud to be a "Senior Friendly" Service to the community!

How to reach Dr Web:
Email Dr Web with a short description of what, where & when you need it done.
Please, include a phone number if you are experiencing an emergency and/or would rather discuss your situation over the phone.
Dr Web answers all requests.

Satisfaction is guaranteed!

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