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Setting your computer to send & receive Fax using MagicJack

Posted by Dr Web (drweb) on May 29 2011
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For those interested in using their Magicjack to send & receive Fax. 

The following method is based on a WinXP installation. Based on the same pinciples, It will work also on other operating systems (Mac or PC).

Here are the correct steps:

First, you will need High Speed Internet and also a MajicJack box properly configured. You must already be able to both make and receive calls using MagicJack from your computer.

Then, you're ready to go...

1. If you do not have windows fax console installed do that first. If you dont know how go here:
If you dont have you windows cd for the files that are needed go here and download it:
and complete the setup process: cover sheet and stuff.Just use the default modem.

2. Click on start, control panel, "phones and modems". Once the box pops up click on the "modems" tab. The default modem should already be highlighted if not highlight it and then click properties at the bottom.

3. When the new box pops up click on the modem tab. Change the "Maximum Port Speed" to 4800. Most important under "Dial Control" uncheck the box that says "Wait for dial tone."

4. Plug in a phone cord between your Magic Jack and your
laptop/computer modem .

5. Go to your MJ software interface and click on "Menu" then click on "Switch to phone" if it does not say that but says
"Switch to headset" leave it alone.

6.Open a microsoft word or a pdf file and click print. Select the "fax" printer not your normal printer,and just follow the prompts that come after that

To test the send functionality of your fax machine, send a one-page fax to 1-888-877-1655 (a toll-free number in the United States.) When it’s finished transmitting, point your web browser to Fax Toy — it’s a fun web site that displays whatever is faxed to that number. Within a minute, your fax should appear on the site. Click the thumbnail to see a large version.

To test the receive functionality of your fax machine, point your web browser to FaxZero: this site lets you send faxes for free to anywhere in the United States and Canada. Within a few minutes, your fax machine should ring — hopefully, it will automatically answer and spit out the test fax.

We tested that method step by step and its works perfect.

To have me configure your system for you, just drop me a note.


Dr Web

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