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Apple Trashes iWeb and MobileMe

The forecast for iWeb is looking gloomy with Apple's iCloud darkening its horizon.

iWeb is Apple's watered down answer to Adobe DreamWeaver. It lets you create aesthetically pleasing websites with very little effort. It could also host the site if you were mad enough to have a subscription to MobileMe.

Source: iWeb to wither and die under an iCloud

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Setting your computer to send & receive Fax using MagicJack

For those interested in using their Magicjack to send & receive Fax. 

Here are the correct steps:

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Dr Web Launches $20 WaveSurfer a 3X amplification (9DBi) add on for WIFI

What about if you could amplify your actual WIFI signal by a factor of 3 using your present system simply by adding a simple device?
Enters Dr Web's "Wave Surfer WIFI Enhancer". This simple device hooks to you wireless router to give it a 9DBi boost (3X amplification) in strenght and also in range. Works with any wireless router.

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Wordpress as a powerfull website and/or CMS solution.

WordPress, mostly used for Blogging,  can definitely serve as a powerful CMS (content management system).

 We can customize WordPress in order to make it behave  as a standard website but with all the benefits of the added features that Wordpress has to offer.

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Macters Advertising teams up with Dr Web Online to offer their customers the best of both worlds

Macters Advertising, a designer & marketing company from Atlantic Canada confirmed an agreement with Dr Web Online in order to supply themselves & their customers the best of both worlds.

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The Easiest & Most Affordable Web Solution for "regular humans"?

Need a quick, affordable & easy website solution?
Dr Web is currently offering the most ergonomic, easy & versatile web solution on the market today. If you can handle a Word or an Open Office document, you're ready to go.

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The Ultimate Commercial Web Solution?

Possibly THE very best & Ultimate all in one commercial solution for building your own web site, to promote it & also to start making money with your content on the internet.

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