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Domain Names

Q. What is a domain name

  1. A domain name is a name that identifies a web site.
  2. Domain Names always include two or more components, separated by dots
    (ex: yourwebsite.com).
  3. You an find here a complete list of all the available Internet top-level domains.



Q. How do I get a domain

In spite of the fact that people often talk about "buying" a domain name, domain names are in reality "leased" for a yearly fee from what's called registrars .

Procedure to get your own domain name

1) Create (imagine) a domain name

  • Allowed caracters are:
    letters, numbers, the hyphen (-)
  • No spaces are allowed

Every domain name ends with a dot  and 3 or more characters like:
Ex: .biz · .com · .info · .name · .net · .org · .pro

Or a two-character territory code:
Ex: .ca (for Canada), .us (for the US), etc.

2) Check for the availability of your chosen domain name

Simply type in your chosen name in the address bar of your browswer
ex: myselectedname.com or www.myselectedname.com

That will tell you whether that name is still available or already taken

3) Register your domain

Contact Dr Web to secure your domain name as soon as you can while it is available!
Dr web will take care of all the required procedures of registering it under your name. He can also "activate" your new web site or "park it" for free until you're ready to use it.







Dr Web

Q. Who is Dr Web Online

Dr Web Online is a consortium of individuals & organisations assembled to supply the best possible Art & Technology services.

Dr Web Online is:

Cyme Media - Media Creation & Administration
Metreya.net - Web Hosting Services
Elogiciel.org - Not for profit Organisation dedicated to Art & artists

If you would like to join our creative group of people, please get in touch with us stating what are your fields of expertise and interest. We will be glad to consider you as a collaborator.




Paypal Solutions

Q. Is there a possible solution to "The card you entered cannot be used for this payment. Please enter a different credit or debit card number"

"The card you entered cannot be used for this payment. Please enter a different credit or debit card number"

Looks like this is a problem more and more users are currently experiencing.

You want to make a payment trough PayPal. You don't have or don't want to use your PayPal account for this transaction. You simply want to use your Mastercard, Visa,etc Credit/Debit card so you're selecting the: "Pay with a credit card If you don't have a PayPal account" option that appear after you clicked on "Check Out".

You fill your information. You know that your card is valid. It has worked elsewere on and offline. Nonetheless, you end up getting that deadly message from PayPal at the very end of your attempt to complete that payment. You may even try again thinking that maybe you did a mistake entering your info. No game. PayPal still ends up giving you the same message:

"The card you entered cannot be used for this payment. Please enter a different credit or debit card number"
Nice. Your buyer won't get any feedback from your failed attempt to buy this item.You may even notice an immediate 1.00$ charge marked "PayPal" in your Credit card account for each of these payment attempts.

There are many discusions all over the net as to what is causing this situation. Going to PayPal is of no help whatsoever. Their're "official" reply sends you back to their "User Agreement" that simply states that "for security reason, they reserve the right to deny any card transaction.

The solution we found 
From what we found out, a security mechanism is triggered by PayPal if accepting Third-Party Cookies is not enabled in your current browser.

In Internet Explorer 8, go to Tools/Option/Privacy/Advanced and  enable this option by clicking on Accept in the Third-Party cookies column. Third-Party Cookies are disabled by default in Internet Explorer 8.

For Firefox, you can use the instructions available here on Firefox's support web site.  Third-Party Cookies should be enabled by default. Deleting your old cookies before starting your transaction is also recommended if you are struggling with a "valid" card being unfairly rejected.

Taking for granted that, 1) you card is valid and that 2) all your entered informations are absolutely identical to the ones your card is associated with, you should have no problem completing your transaction using that card . Pay special attention though to the address infos. Those have to be identical to the mailing address on file by your credit card company.




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