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 Quantum Solutions for your Cyber World

   Dr Web brings a totally freshfascinating angle to what technology and "The Web" are all about:

  • "It's all alive, folks!" Don't think of it merely in terms of "machines"!
  • Computers are "Quantum" doorways.
  • "The Web" is both a live miror and an interactive "projector" of our collective mind & Soul.
  • "It will make you a better person in the very same ratio that you will make it a better place".

   For the first time in the history of mankind, there is a global public arena where we can show up & interact with each other. The Web truly has a life of its own like the living entity that it really is. It virtually keeps growing & evolving by the second. Think about it. How long can you afford not to own your piece of the "New World"?

   Dr Web considers that we dearly need a truer and more powerful  approach to technology & to the Web and that that approach ought to be enlighting, joyful & creative.

Entering the "Magical" World of Quantum Physical Reality

  This is truly a totally new environment. "Virtual" does not mean "without consequences". The laws of quantum physics will apply, you know ;-). They hardly have anything in common with the so called "real" universe you're familiar with. Or do they? Well, maybe they do if you can conceive of a world where everything works at the speed of light, where being projected anywhere inside/outside of space and time is trivial and where there is not much of a difference between hardcore reality and absolute  fiction.

    When dealing with something that's that unsettling & poweful, it is crucial to have someone experienced you can rely on:

  • to help you get started
  • to refer to when needed
  • to help get you out of trouble if it happens

   Welcome to this new adventure of humanity!
I am here to help you make it a beautiful & fruitful experience wherever you are on of this journey.

   The Web is both my passion & my specialty.
I look at it as being the very nervous system of this planet!

    So, be part of the action! I know for a fact that we are still at a very early stage of this revolution.  Now is the perfect time to step in this new Cyber world. There is no better way do so than to take an active part in it.

   Let me help you do just that & more.
 Dr Web

 Don't ask yourself: "what can the web do for me" - Try asking yourself: "what can I do for the web" ;-)

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